Ibiza´s social engineering/ Ingenieria social Ibiza: Ushuaia

Here´s one of the clubs of Ibiza turning people´s life into a virtual reality world, and socially engineering kids of the near future, with intrusive electronic forms of identification and social media, and promoting and socially engineering electronically controlled individuals.

Social engineering, or steering the minds of the masses into somebody else´s interests, is a big issue in Ibiza(and other parts of the world) as it is the “party capital of the world”. The non perceptive crowd and party goers that come to Ibiza are letting themselves turn into, and handing out their will and power, to a global behind the scenary economical and social dictatorship and industries, that only pretends on bringing on, a more controlled, submitted, and easy manipulable and controllable individual and society as a whole.. As the social engineering machinery works in many different aspects and from the early stages of life and ages, people hardly ever realizes that they are being steered and subtly manipulated.

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