Cerveza Isleña Ibiza, or..?

Can you spot the 2 UFO´s in the middle bottle? Why would they put two UFO´s in your beer bottle?, is this some kind of long term social engineering going on or is it just part of the logo?

Puedes ver los OVNIS en la botella de en medio? Por que pondrían 2 ovnis en la botella de la cerveza de Ibiza? Puede ser esto alguna clase de ingeniería social o parte de un logo normal?



5 thoughts on “Cerveza Isleña Ibiza, or..?

  1. Wow…amazing attention to detail! You have eyes like a hawk. Yes, why is it that flying saucers and aliens are so commonly used in things to do with Ibiza, especially music? My belief is that the Illuminati believes their pyramids will entice down some aliens just as they believed they came down for the ancient Egyptians.

  2. Oops….I forgot to say they might be planning on orchestrating a false flag event to make people terrified of alien invasion and therefore more willing to surrender national sovereignty and personal liberty. It’s a well used tactic, albeit not with aliens before. But then, if you want to get the entire world to surrender you need something out of this world.

  3. yeah there is some aspect about this whole ufo phenomena, I´m not buying into any “disclosures” or “invasions” coming out out the establishment, freemasonry, and so on, when you look at the word Avenida,in spanish , Avenue, in french, from Latin: advenire (“come to”), from ad (“to”) + venire (“come”)., in comes from La Avenida, The Coming, and when you look at all religions wether christians, muslims, buddhists have ALWAYS been waiting for their “gods” A VENIDA

    Here´s an event from 21 dec 2012 at a masonic temple cult in the US,
    December 21, 2012
    Masonic Temple – Asheville, NC

    Join us in an evening of consciousness expansion as we celebrate humanity’s transition into the new aeon of spiritual ascension. Together we will consecrate our collective evolutionary shift through rhythmic dances of psychedelic bliss. May our meditative movements inflame our spirits in the light of purified mind as we enter the age of psychogenic revelation.


    social and deception engineering´s definetly on within EDM

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