Operacion Trueno Ibiza. GPS Hotels Fernando Ferré or cover up for bigger plots? “Operación Ballena” or freemasonic mafia at work?

Looks like Fernado Ferre, former owner of GPS(Grupo Playa Sol) Hotels is going to prision for 7 years and a fine of €11 million.

He got arrested after the Tax Office(Hacienda) started following his steps after “Operación Ballena” in Marbella.
La investigación a Ferré Cardó empezó tras la Operación Ballena de Marbella

Operación Ballena, or “Whale Operation”, started off at a Law Firm in Marbella and spread to Canada, USA, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, Irán, and Morroco. From here they chennelled investments from groups related to arms trade, drug trafficking, homicides, extorsions, frauds, prostitution rings and the likes. The net, collaborating with three notaries in Marbella, was made of over a thousand companies based in Gibraltar, Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands and Panama, preferably invested in Real Estate in the Costa del Sol. Officially, or apparently, the property value was seized in the operation in Spain was of 250 million euros. The Osiris Society was laundering money buying luxury homes in Sotogrande and the island of Ibiza, as well as Montecristo yachts and Carmen XI.

La red blanqueó 12 millones en el exterior
Operacion Ballena Blanca Wiki

Ferré was a tax free man, holder of 60 hotels and 1500 workers never paid taxes and never used cards. He also bought hotels in Mallorca and Prague worth 1000 million euros.
El empresario sumergido
El hotelero encarcelado en Ibiza por fraude compró 40 hoteles por mil millones

Fernando Ferré was buying obsolete hotels in Ibiza, but far from closing them, painted them a bit and kept on exploiting them. Even in social networks fantasized about the origin of this hotelier who was not from Ibiza. Some said he was from Dénia, others depicting him from a mysterious Catalan group in the shadow.

How did he do it, apparently, discreetly, aggressively, and paying cash.

Code of Silence
He went on for years without anyone ever, either administrations or competition, sounding any alarm. This itself is typical of the islands of Sicily and Ibiza, let alone Mallorca.
Ibiza en el mapa negro de la infamia

From “Operación Ballena” in Marbella hitting the british isles to “Operación Trueno” in Ibiza, from arms trade to prostitution rings, these are the likes of the many freemasonic societies and other powerfull organizations and groups that currently run Ibiza, Spain and most, if not all, countries in the world. Unfortunately, and as usual, mainstream media, authorities and administrations care little about making public who else, and how far does the “net” of societies goes up the pyramidal structured establishment we pay our taxes to or live in. This is just one case out of many more that hitted Spain in the last decade. Wake up guys and girls, this is not only about social engineering going on in the clubs steering your consciousness and will, there is a whole net of societies and dirty business going behind the Establishment´s back and so ours.

Funny enough, only 5 people went to prison after “Operación Ballena”
La operación “Ballena Blanca” lleva a la cárcel a sólo 5 personas


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