“Cannibal drug” hits Ibiza

Reference to monarch programming(mk ultra) @ Pacha Ibiza 2014
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Episodes of extreme violence and biting at the Health Center in San Antonio

The Drug Unit of the Guardia Civil opens an investigation in Ibiza

Nobody noticed that the zombie apocalypse would party and metiendioxipirovalerona doses (MDPV). Neither the first ‘living dead’ would be English, and that the local police and nurses in the paradise island of Ibiza would take the first bites.

The Drug Unit of the Guardia Civil in Ibiza these days are looking for a batch similar to cocaine that can be smoked as synthetic marijuana, snorted or injected, and produces extreme paranoia, psychosis, violent reactions, suicidal thoughts and bites .

The MDPV, which legally reached the market in Spain as “bath salts” is now the prime suspect. It is the same substance that would have smoked Ruby Eugene, the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ in Miami before devour in 2012 75% the face of a beggar . Police caught him in the act and shot him in the leg, but ended up killing him as he didn´t react.

The head of the Drug Enforcement Unit of the island of Ibiza announced in Ibiza Radio the presence of a substance that has caused “for three or four days” an outbreak of extreme violence “in patients treated for substance use” in the Health center of the town of San Antonio.

The DEU boss named the substance ‘Cannibal’, an alias that matches none of which are attributed to MDPV, and hopes that the stock “has been small and has been consumed in its entirety.” He points out that it would be a substance, like many others that “come to Ibiza, tested, and then starts the marketing” in the main nightlife centers around the world.

A nurse at the Health Center in San Antonio, Matilde Fernández, told Diario de Ibiza what were like some of the cases that occurred during the outbreak. ‘One patient was extremely aggressive and was handcuffed by several police officers trying to hold him in which ended in a stretcher to the ground, and then bit an officer in the hand, though fortunately wearing gloves and only caused a hematoma. He had to call for backup radio. Finally there were eight agents. “

It was not the only one. That night came two others who did not hesitate to start fighting with anyone who came across their way. One actually bleeding from a breach in his forehead. “I was going to heal him but he was so aggressive that ultimately left the hospital with the wound open,” said the nurse.

Surprisingly, the nurses at this facility appear to have get used to live with these outbreaks. “Every night are admitted six or seven tourists who have been attacked with broken bottles and glasses by young Britons who attack tourists of other nationalities,” Fernandez added.

The Nurse´s union CCOO have already held two meetings with the mayor of San Antonio, Pepita Gutiérrez(Partido Popular), to ask her for urgent action against aggressive patients who are saturating the center and endangering the integrity of the Health Center.

Last year security guards had to protect Health Center professionals from early July to mid-September, but now the professionals claim that this period is lengthened after multiple assaults in June.

The effects of five milligrams of MDPV can last a week. The consumer feels out of his body and even thinks that all people around him intends to attack him.

Paranoia also causes the body not to respond to extreme pain as any fracture of the extremities of your body.

Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza denies having entered any patient who claimed to have consumed a substance called ‘Caníbal” among the multiple entries produced daily by victims of designer drugs.

Hospital sources however confirmed some cases of extreme violence, disorientation and bites early in the summer season. “We had a patient who took four days to go find his friends because he did not even remember her name,” says one of the professionals . Many patients come to stay several days with an identification bracelet marked with “drug intoxication” and the point of the island where they were picked up by an ambulance.

Private company Emergency Staff, which serves much of the intoxicated by alcohol and drugs produced cases on the island, with their work both in private events, and in the troubled area of the West End of San Antonio, rejects that drugs are the cause of violence or cannibalism.

“There is no substance that makes you become a cannibal or eat people, maybe the person has a predisposition to cannibalism. A person who is not aggressive will rarely be aggressive with drug use, but someone who is very suspicious and Leary, the drug will enhance this attitude”.

Regarding the possible presence of a new and dangerous substance, from Emergency Staff are reminding that “every year there is talk about pills or heroin being adulterated with rat poison, and in the analysis result, none of this substances come up, all appears is MDMA (Ecstasy ), we are even noting that the dose tablets are stabilizing around 100 milligrams of MDMA, this did not happen in previous years to 2010, in which we observed very different tablets in quantity “, which was a serious risk to consumers unable to gauge what is your body able to support.

La ‘droga caníbal’ aparece en Ibiza

Brits warned of mystery ‘Cannibal’ drug in Ibiza which has been blamed for biting attacks

Extreme violence can also be the result of the social engineering/MK Ultra going on within the clubs and music industry in Ibiza and victim´s countries. We suggest you to search further into the matter via alternative websites about mind control and social engineering


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