MK Culture. Celebrities arrival in Ibiza

Cultura MK Ultra en Ibiza

Will Smith , McCartney , Paris Hilton, Kate Moss and many more

Las ‘celebrities’ invaden Ibiza: Will Smith, Malena Costa, Paul McCartney, Paris Hilton…

Kate Moss, part of the MK Culture, arrives in Ibiza:

Kate Moss y Naomi Campbell navegaron en ¨topless¨ en Ibiza
Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell party together in Ibiza

Kate Moss, with an upside-down cross.

Here with some Baphomet Horns.
More info: image source(Thanx VC!)

She´s definitely having a good time in Ibiza:

I´m calling MK Culture the global social engineering and mind control network runned by secret societies, for the further shape of people´s minds into a material, false fame, $money$ illusion. From actors, musicians, comedians and many more within the musical industries, tv, fashion, and film, are used by these groups for the same purpose. The dumbing down and degradation of society.

Ibiza, as one of the supposedly party capitals of the world, it´s a major point of arrival of celebrities, either who are MK Ultra victims themselves, or celebrities who are on the “illuminati” or global secret society network´s Paycheck.

Will Smith, having a good time in Ibiza.

Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith, making the single eye gesture, which means Willow Smith is part of the global secret society network:

By the looks of it, it appears to be someone else´s hand.
In the classic battle in antiquity between Good (Horus-Isis-Osiris) and Evil (Set-Seth), Horus lost his left eye. The left eye of Horus was later recreated by Thoth. After the reattachment Horus made a gift of the eye to Osiris. Osiris then went on to rule the underworld with his power as a solar deity.

So who the hell is the father? Is he turning his daughter to an evil network?

Will Smith is a Scientologist. Scientology is not only a dangerous Illuminati cult, it´s part of the global network for mind control, rituals, murders , money collection point, supposed suicides, all kinds of physical violence, CIA front, and brainwash of it´s members.
SCIENTOLOGY RELATED MURDERS AND SUICIDES, their OSA, and a light article in the New Yorker magazine.

In order to reach fame in the industry, you gotta sign a contract, a deal with the global secret network, only after you´ll get the fame.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air making the one eyed gesture

Naomi Campbell comes to Ibiza every year, you can see her yacht in Cala Conta.

Naomi and Kate Moss in Ibiza:

It looks some dead body there..

“Anger issues” , drugs, who knows.

Paul McCartney has also arrived in Ibiza.

Picture Exclusive: Sir Paul McCartney, 72, enjoys relaxing Ibiza getaway with wife Nancy Shevell.

We could write a lot about The Beatles, they were part of the British musical industry´s Freemasonic network, a quick google search you can find many graphical references to it. A lot has been said about Paul McCartney.

James Paul McCartney
The evidence is overwhelming once you start digging, but I´ll leave that up to you to find out:

Let´s just let him have a good time in Ibiza

Paris Hilton was also in Ibiza, and she will be playing to whoever´s delight in Amnesia.

Paris and Nicky Hilton (Paris is the taller, older one) at a typical duality worshiping pedophilic slave fashion industry event, with the little Hilton girls in strawberry print (fruit = sex in general and in programming [forbidden fruit and such I’ve gone in to], strawberries in particular are often associated with sex [on a par with cherries/pomegranates/many others]). Their mother Kathleen Hilton (named after her own mother Kathleen, probably both programmed cats) accompanies them on the catwalk as a duality zebra, early preparation for their life in front of the all seeing dissociative camera lens. These childhood photos are taken from the late 80’s.


“These virtues constitute the very essence of all Masonic character; they are the safeguard of the Institution, giving to it all its security and perpetuity, and are enforced by frequent admonitions in all the Degrees, from the lowest to the highest. The Entered Apprentice begins his Masonic career by learning the duty of secrecy and

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the party island:

Three’s a crowd? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hold hands as they hit Ibiza hotspot

According to a Daily Mail article:
‘I’m NOT in a cult… I’m a Christian!’: Kim Kardashian hits back at claims she is a member of the Illuminati in Twitter rant

‘I posted a IG collage for my bff @BrittGastineau & people say its the illuminate! What is the illuminate? A religion?…I’m a Christian.’

‘Kanye has emphatically told Kim that he believes they’re going to be the biggest power couple on the planet.’

Pyramid, and the never ending single eye and hand gesture.

When mainstream media writes about the “illuminate” they make it look as some “conspiracy theory” , and when it becomes rumor, they only make it look as if it is some kind of cult within the american music industry. The fact is, that “the cult”, is the biggest and most powerful in the world, who runs all aspects of our society, including science, politics, sports, media, you name it, and which “job” is, not only socially engineer the masses and us as individuals, but shape the future of humanity.

Spanish article about “conspiracy theories”:
Divas MK-Ultra: la ‘conspiranoia’ señala a las estrellas del pop

Daily Mail´s mocking..
From CIA assassination cock-up to nefarious Illuminati involvement: The MH17 conspiracy theories doing the internet rounds

Justin Bieber, is also in Ibiza pretending to have a good time:

image source
Justin Bieber y Kendall Jenner: Noche de Pasión en Ibiza

There was a rumor he was gonna DJ in Amnesia

Justin Bieber is a gay guy from Ontario, Canada, and is managed by Scooter Braun, who is Jewish, from Atlanta. The Sun reported that the teen pop star partied in a gay bar.

Jason Boyd , member of Bieber´s posse and known as “Poo Bear”, is involved in the international cocaine smuggling business, here, and here.

Justin Bieber´s not only a puppet and employee of the global secret society network, he is a victim of MK Ultra himself and may have been involved in an institutional Canadian pedophile ring.

Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian @ a party of Riccardo Tisci in Ibiza:

image source
Riccardo Tisci, italian fashion designer, likes Gothic and dark dresses.

Justin Bieber and amigos in Ibiza:

Related info:
RT News: Roseanne Barr – MK-ULTRA Mind Control Rules In Hollywood

Enjoy your day. “We´re watching”:


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