Cirque du Soleil Ibiza Guy Laliberté Home in Ibiza

Canadian multimillionaire in Ibiza Mr Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil has built 13 giant monoliths near his Mansion in Cala Llentía.
La brújula para ovnis en Ibiza del fundador del Circo del Sol, in english

His wife admits that ‘something has changed’ after his supposed trip to space in 2009.
Why Cirque Du Soleil Billionaire Guy Laliberte Traveled To Space

“Although it seems a sundial, Rogers says Laliberté sculpture aims to represent the motion of the planets around the sun, aligning the assembly with the sunset of the winter solstice. Although not only that. Each of the basalt columns should be aligned and despite following the Fibonacci sequence, where each number is the sum of the previous two”
El Pais

He´s called the monoliths “Time and Space”

Cirque du Soleil & the Eye of Horus

Apparently, he´s a well known Freemason in Canada and he´s into the occult:

The Guy LaLiberte space mission seems to be really strange, first the dates: Soyuz takeoff on the Sep 29th 2009 a symbolic cabal date (Zohar, Tsav 32), the global OneDrop event that will take place 11 days after the takeoff on another cabal date October 9th (Zohar, Tsav 32). The global event will take place at 14 cities situated on a highly energic lay lines (Montreal, Johannesburg, Paris, New York, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Londons, Marakech, Mumbai, Osaka,Santa Monika, Tampa, Moscow). The participants to the event are well known ocult elite politicians and pop stars ( Al Gore, Shakira, Patrick Bruel, Tatuya Ishii etc.)
Guy Laliberté founder of the Cirque du Soleil is a well known freemason in Québec (Loge émancipaion, Québec), the fulgurant success of his Cirque du soleil is mainly due to his connexion with freemasons at “La Caisse de depot” (Quebec investment fund). The freemasson symbols are present everywhere in the “Cirque du Soleil”, his space mission and his One Drop foundation (sun, water, morin code etc.)
Poetic mission or Freemason ritual?

Certainly when you check on his background and overall symbolism surrounding his Circus , One Drop Foundation and supposed trip to the ISS, he appears to be related to Freemasonry or other Secret societies.

It Starts With Just ONE DROP(Video)

As usual, there is a side B to Freemasons and other moron like philanthropists:

During the parties, global business leaders, politicians, and Hollywood stars were entertained by Cirque du Soleil performers, and provided with millions of dollars of fine food and wine. Author Ian Halperin, who quotes dozens of former guests, details heroic displays of debauchery. “Everything you wanted was available at Guy’s parties, Drugs, the best music spun by famous DJs flown in from Europe and the USA, and the wildest sex you could ever imagine.”

The book claims that Laliberté’s assistants invited busloads of prostitutes from his native Montreal to the parties, which were attended by the likes of Robert DeNiro and Sir Paul McCartney. Mere B-list guests were required to sign a confidentiality agreement before attending.”
Billionaire impresario sues over tale of sex and drugs and the Cirque du Soleil

Exclusive excerpt: How to party like a cirque star

He´s attended the sixth annual edition of Zeitgeist´s Europe bull:
In May, over 400 of the world’s most inspiring leaders, representing some 29 countries and 360 organizations, gathered for the sixth annual edition of Zeitgeist Europe. Zeitgeist—from the word meaning the “spirit of the age”—invited Guy Laliberté, creator of ONE DROP and founder of Cirque du Soleil®, to share his philanthropic experience with the public.
Guy Laliberté at Zeitgeist Europe 2011

29 countries: 2+9=11
360 organizations: 3+6=9

I´m not getting much into what the Peter Joseph´s Zeitgeist Movement is, rather let you watch the movies or check it out yourselve, but in short what they were trying to provoke was a turning point to the younger generations into the Utopian Freemasonic plan called the Venus Project or Morning star Project as it was called in ancient mythology. They have thousands of paying followers around the world who are going nowhere believing the Zeitgeist Utopian global nonsense.

Back to the structures he´s built in Ibiza near Es Vedra , they look like the Stonehenge from England. Apparently it caused speculation amongst the locals after Es Vedra´s history of alleged UFO sightseeings. A famous one in 1979. There is a little talk in Ibiza about UFO´s , or “lights in the ski”.
Some of them are amusing nevertheless:

and another one.

There are also reports of local fisherman who saw lights under their boats near Es Vedra. Jose Amengual, Spearfishing champion, reportedly heard metal noises under the Es Vedra´s waters and fishes changing it´s course after them.

Francisco Palau y Quer, a Carmelite friar and priest, wrote in his autobiography about his alleged encounters with “beings of light” and supposedly ships he thought “angels” between 1855 and 1866.

There are some strange stories about Es Vedra rock, and sure, there is an energy in Es Vedra and Ibiza.

Now, do we believe in UFO´s and Aliens? Many people may say yes.
And sure, sometimes there is weird stuff in our skies when we care to look. But are the UFO´s what we think they are?.

In short, I call them U M O ´s(Unidentified Military Objects), and if there is something in Es Vedra we don´t know about, it´s got to do with the network of Secret Societies to which Guy Laliberté seems to belong to like so many other wealthy.

If you are a UFO or “Alien” believer, I suggest you to carefully read this article again and find out what is the cover up surrounding Secret Societies and the “new world order”. If you are into the New Age stuff as many people is in Ibiza, I suggest you to do the same quickly for the sake of our integrity.

— O —

Not much has been said either about the religious masonic symbolism represented on both doors here, which is being built near the monolith:

Pointing out to Es Vedra, and monolith on the left

Cirque du Soleil
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
One Drop Foundation
Guy Laliberté’s Vision for ONE DROP
Surprise Video for ONE DROP
The Beatles & Cirque du Solei(All Together Now)
Leyendas, misticismo y misterios en el islote de es Vedrà
La sucesión de Fibonacci en basalto

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