Ibiza Monolith: One world, new Age religion

Hamsa & Eye of Horus Ibiza Monolith

ibiza monolith

One world belief, for a one world order: New Age Monolith Ibiza

New Age Monolithen auf Ibiza

Just about 200m from what it looks to be a coming pilgrimage site in Ibiza, we find aligning to Es Vedrá a chamber, or room engraved with symbols representing some of the world´s main religions.


שלום , Shalom

From Jewish and Arab symbols, the monolith, and what is 200m away from it, seem to represent the fusion of the already distorted Abrahamic religions into one, or the New Age Religion,, one of the goals to be achieved by the world´s secret societies and clubs running the global dictatorial government(new world order) aka globalization.

Flower of Life

Chamber aligning to Es Vedra

While the masses are entertained and not aware of how much our society and history has been falsified in ALL aspects of our lives by the same power groups, today as in 2016, they keep on fabricating people´s reality with more cult like philosophies, politics, religions, movements, beliefs, and sites like this one in Ibiza built by Andrew Rogers. The site not only hasn´t got anything to do with the island of Ibiza, but represents another false belief being carefully indoctrinated and introduced to the unaware masses using beliefs, once again, as a form of control.

Eric Karlstrom – Hour 1 – New World Religion[AUDIO]
Flower of Life

Freemasons and Occultist Madame Blavatsky, Theosofy, New Age Cult-religion
New Age
Freemasons and Occultist Madame Blavatsky

“Guy Laliberté party in Ibiza”

Cirque du Soleil Ibiza Guy Laliberté Home in Ibiza

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