The Hippie movement was a Psychological Operation

Days are over for the “hippies”, and contrary to popular belief, the hippie movement was born in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, close to a military base and not in San Francisco. The Psyop was a response from the US government agencies to neutralize the anti-war movement that existed in universities among Academics and students.

Hippie aesthetic and offensive speech generated to most Americans an expected public rejection, so that the anti-war position was associated with the “immoral nasty pot smoker hippies.

Annuit Cœptis, Novus Ordo Seclorum John Lennon

img source

The first bands of the hippie movement in LA were made of people belonging to the US intelligence, the navy, and the army, including some of the Rockefellers. From Frank Zappa, whose father was a chemical engineer for the army, up to Jim Morrison whose father was involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident

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The first albums that gave rise to the hippie phenomenon were recorded by professional studio musicians and not by genuine bands, getting contracts with an unprecedented speed. Within months, hippie bands grew like mushrooms and turned in an almost global phenomenon, in which the widespread use of psychoactive substances such as LSD, was used for used for a global social engineering and mind control campaign.

[AUDIO]David McGowan – Hour 1 – Covert Ops Behind the Hippie Dream

Hippie movement according to Wickedpedia

This is what´s left of the “hippie movement” in Ibiza, a marketing product at a festival in a famous club.

Making the gesture that represents the societies that were behind the whole movement from the first place.

Freemasonic symbolism(Eye of Horus) Flower power Pacha

More info. Homework
Inside The LC: The Strange But Mostly True Story Of Laurel Canyon And The Birth Of The Hippie Generation By Dave McGowan
Laurel Canyon: Sex, Drugs and Aliens
Cross of Nero, Neronic cross, the real “peace” sign

Sign of horns Vito Paulekas

Vito Paulekas
Dave McGowan CIA & the Magic of Laurel Canyon —Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream


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