Mind Control season starts @Pacha: 2015 Opening

So they call it “Let´s do This Again Pacha Ibiza”

A new social engineering and mind control season begins @ Pacha franchise with the usual masonic symbolism written over it:

Flower Power Pacha: (The Hippie movement was a Psychological Operation)

Freemasonic DJ´s: AOKI Dj

The “III” in the triangle which is 999 and eye of horus in the top of it(AOKI)

and again AOKI giving the One eye gesture and other signatures such as the freemasonic chessboard, demonic horns sign representing the societies he got the fame from. He´ll be playing again @ Pacha to the unaware masses:

Insane Pacha Ibiza sun winged disc


Eye of horus at the girl representing the masonic societies behind the club and the hippie movement itself.

They keep on giving the Horns sign

Clubs are fun and people´s energy is good, but there is a side B to the famous Ibiza clubs, which is a secret plan behind the whole show with a long term agenda to socially engineer, mind control and degrade the crowds.

Pacha franchise is controlled by masonic families who run the clubs and production companies with the long term target to shape the younger and unaware generations into a globalized and hostile States , a.k.a New order of the ages(globalization) using electronic dance music played by masonic Dj´s worldwide.

Owner of Pacha making the one eyed gesture, Ricardo Urgell

Pacha Mallorca:

Ricardo Urgell(owner), Hochi Raad(franchise director)

Please support smaller venues which are not masonic related or choose other alternatives in Ibiza.

Is EDM Illuminati? IBIZA BLOG

Social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media or private groups. source


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