✞ Misa ✞ Ibiza fliers @ Ibiza Full Sion

From some dodgy production company from southern Spain, the social engineering campaign and mind control Ibiza season started with an event in Playa d´en Bossa called MISA which in English means Mass. With an upside down cross as a presentation, nobody questions what is it doing there or why would anybody put it at any event in Ibiza.

misa ibiza pla d´en bossa

Dhelyrium: A masonic singled eye from the same masonic looking production company organizing the event in Ibiza.

New generation of socially engineered kids..

..at a socially engineered “Circus Nation”(literally)
circus nation

Ibiza Full (Si)on

( Sion – Zion )

Escuadra y compas masónico @9NINE ibiza.
Disguised Freemasonic Square and Compass @ Pacha

Tomorrowland 2015(Brasil) Festival with an eye at the top:
tomorrowland brasil

Upside down triangle plus a Fallen Angel at ENTER Ibiza.
Angel Caido y un triangulo invertido @ Enter Ibiza
fabio florido enter ibiza 2015

Triangles also have 3 angles, and 3 60 degree angles:=666:
inverted triangle lady gaga
Inverted Triangle at a Lady Gaga´s video, image source

Carl Cox
carl cox ibiza 2015

Richie Hawtin making the one eyed pose for the camera, he´ll be playing again @ Space Ibiza
richie hawtin ibiza space

Ants 2015: They may have changed the name in 2015, but the meaning remains the same, you´re being compared to an Ant. The degradation of the unaware masses goes on.
Ants Dants Ibiza 2015

ants ibiza

Owl at the Discovery Project: EDC Las Vegas 2015 DJ competition. The Owl is a famous secret society symbol, still features at the Bohemian Club headquarters in San Francisco , the $ bill plus many freemasonic buildings and items.
discovery project las vegas

The Owl was the symbol for Minerva, the goddess of wisdom.
minerva owl freemasonic

Kehakuma @ Space Ibiza.
kehakuma space ibiza

One eyed gesture @ Kehakuma 2011
kehakuma japan ibiza

Monarch butterflies are on many photo shoots, music videos, tattoos or even lyrics to a song. Within the masonic music industry that runs the island represents Mind control, or the MK Ultra program which many are being subjected to in Ibiza and other parts of the world:
kehakuma butterfly
See more examples here: Butterfly Symbolism

kekahuma ibiza space

Pacha Anniversary, Wisdom of the Glove stage
Pacha anniversary wisdom of the glove
They are not hiding the masonic societies who are running the industry behind the show:
masonic eye
img source

Opening Privilege Promo 2015
Privilege grooming the masses into a Transhumanized Estate and Global dictatorship

The island´s music industry is a Mind Control operation to further shape the already socially engineered masses that come to the famous Ibiza clubs. It´s only a fraction of a much bigger Plan to long term socially engineer us into a hostile and controlled State.

Wake up as this is only taking you further to a mindframe created by the PTB to further control and artificially Trap Humanity.


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