Wake Up, Heart Evolution Ibiza festival. The New Age Fraud in Ibiza

Selling tickets, books, collecting money for dubious Non-governmental organizations, and Galactical Federations are the fraud of the New Age meditations in Ibiza and other parts of the world.

The fraudulent beliefs of the new age movement comes from the New York based Lucis Trust(formerly known as Lucifer Trust), founded by occultist and freemason Alice Bailey and supported by the United Nations.

The New Age movement was originally created back in the 1870´s, when Helena Petrovna Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society, which is a distortion and Syncretism of Oriental and Hindu knowledge.

Masonic triangle and eye preaching the meditations and the secret societies behind them

Triangle Heart Evolution Wake up
heart evolution ibiza

In the New Age movement, many religions and even in global politics, “Lucifer” is the “Cosmic Christ”, who is trying to take over Jesus´ position from Earth.
Alice Bailey and the United Nations.

They are planning the coming of their new Messiah, a “universal Cosmic Christ” or Maitreya, like the new spiritual leader of the masses after the fusion of all of the religions into one.

lord maitreya

The New Age is also inspired by theories of the german secret society Thule Gesellschäft, and remains a source of inspiration for international Far right groups, who are many times runned and used as a front by the State for its own clandestine operations. (See ebooks about Gladio).

ibiza world peace action

These mediocre events are organized by international Freemasonic societies and are used to raise funds, prepare and condition the unaware masses into a new dogmatic religion created by Jesuits and Freemasons from the first place over a century ago, shaping and introducing at the masses farmyard something that has always been used to control people: religions and beliefs.

New age festivals in Ibiza and meditations will not wake anybody up from anything, they are the lowest part of a much bigger, structured and historical plan of control created by secret societies, using and changing the already settled beliefs systems into another, which can only plunge into deeper ignorance it´s followers, most oblivious and unaware of the kind of secret and genocidal networks that cradles them since the beginning of times.

wake up ibiza festival heart evolution

Rise Up Ibiza 2017: Global masonic Propaganda
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The Lucis Trust. Santanism and the New World Order
Lucis(Lucifer) Trust
black sun
The Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations
Lucis Trust: About Alice Bailey



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