Exposed: Occult ritual at Rave Event(QLIMAX)

What EDM is turning into:
As there is good energy from the crowds, Freemasonic DJ´s like many that play in Ibiza and other parts of the world, are using their knowledge gained up the masonic power ladder to use it against the crowds, using negative energy and occult rituals to control and divert the masses into a wrong, and negative mind frame, just watch:
Exposed: Occult ritual at Rave Event(QLIMAX)

qlimax rave ritual masonic

Exposed: DEMONIC spirits at RAVE EVENT

qlimax edm festival

qlimax festival

Wake up, there´s somebody steering you and fabricating your reality using masonic rituals every time you´re part of one of their festivals..

..there is your Pentagram..
QLIMAX Pentagram

It can´t be hard to understand there are masonic DJ´s using negative energy at their set once you see we are positive energy bearers, this is part of our deleted history by the ruling powers, secret societies and many music industries in Ibiza and around the world.



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