INSANE Ibiza fliers. Masonic production companies

Masonic one Eyed gesture @ INSANE Pacha Ibiza
INSANE ibiza masonic


Triangle and Masonic Owl(Triangulo y Buho masónico) @ Space Ibiza
space ibiza 2015

Masonic Triangle @ PIG DAN Ibiza Summer Festival 2015
Ibiza Summer Festival 2015

Horns Sign @ GLOW Es Paradis
glow es paradis Ibiza

Masonic Code of Conduct: “Silence” @ Glitterbox, link 1 and 2
Glitterbox Space Ibiza

One eyed gesture(All seeing eye)
glitterbox ibiza

Freemasonic Sven Väth @ Amnesia 2009
Sven Väth Amnesia Ibiza
sven väth ibiza

Social Engineering & Brainwash of the Populace @ SupermartXé 2015
supermartxe ibiza 2015


According to the media: “The sluttiest party in Ibiza”…, “The choreographed orgy ‘Supermartxé Porn Star’ is enshrined as the most acclaimed island thematic party”(..yeah right..), link

supermartxé ibiza 2015

Windtalkers @ Privilege Ibiza 2015
windtalkers ibiza

windtalkers ibiza

Freemasonic Windtalkers & WIND OF WORLD Productions
windtalkers privilege ibiza

Masonic Pyramid @ WIND OF WORLD Productions
wind of world

Masonic Pyramids and triangles @ WINDTALKERS

Like most Stages set by masonic production companies, WIND OF THE WORLD use pyramids on their sets representing the power ABOVE the crowds. Like most DJ´s and production companies in Ibiza and other parts of the world, they´re running a long term Social Engineering and Mind control Op to steer the masses away from reality into a manufactured, unnatural, hostile and controlled globalized World State.

wet yourself Space ibiza

Amnesia beginnings
amnesia ibiza

EDC Las Vegas Masonic Owl
EDC las vegas masonic owl

Repent? link
repent eden ibiza

Privilege Ibiza
Privilege Ibiza

Full SiOn

Full on ibiza


premio unicef

There are many examples on how industries and supposedly “spiritual movements” are filtered by masonic societies:

Wake up Ibiza Festival
wake up ibiza festival masonería ibiza

3 HOURS Native American Shamanic Music Beautiful Music Long Playlist  Spiritual Moment  you tube


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