Heart Ibiza opened at the end of June, and has since hosted Sven Väth..,
sven vath masonic
Bob Moses and Nils Frahm. The programme continues tonight (Tuesday, July 7th) with a Boiler Room event featuring Nile Rodgers’ Chic and The Martinez Brothers, before Visionquest play on the 9th

Located within the Ibiza Gran hotel, the project is a collaboration between world-renowned chefs the Adrià brothers and Cirque Du Soleil.

Visionquest – Ultraviolet

“When properly applied, the violet flame clears the channels of the chakras so there is a pure flow of Ein-Sof´s energy through the sephirot through out our phisical and spiritual bodies”.

Kabbalah: Key to your Hidden Powers

Withing the “New Age” freemasonic religion, the “violet flame is considered to be the 7th Ray aspect of the Holy Spirit and the “Sacred Fire” that transmutes and consumes the “cause, effect, record, and memory”, source



visionquest ibiza

visionquest ibiza

visionquest illuminati

visionquest miami illuminati


miami mind controlvisionquest miami mind control

There are many more masonic Mind control, Mind Reframing stuff by “Vi Sion Quest”
visionquest ibiza

visionquest mind control illuminati

ryangrosson visionquest

Heart Ibiza Acid Sundays
acid sundays ibiza


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