Paris Hilton Foam & Diamonds @ Amnesia mind control Ibiza

Paris Hilton Foam Diamonds Amnesia mind control Ibiza

If you watch the video, you´ll see some of the usual masonic symbolism surrounding the mind conditioning and social engineering event from the Monarch controlled Paris Hilton @ Amnesia Ibiza, horns signs, eye of Horus..:

To be recognized, Monarch slaves wear diamonds to signify they are “presidential models”(prostitutes), rubies to signify their Oz programming of the MK Ultra, and emeralds to signify their programming to do drug business. Rings are also used to signify what activity is doing, and what level they are in the arcane sciences.
paris hilton amnesia ibiza diamonds

MK Culture. Celebrities arrival in Ibiza(Paris Hilton)

paris hilton mk ultra monarch programming
img source

paris hilton silence sign
Freemasonic Silence sign, this is how they tell other members to keep their mouths shut about what they do for the network. Above, her left eye looking traumatized (TBMC), or other generational trauma.

Paris Hilton´s not a DJ, she´s a puppet and employee of a much wider network of secret societies and clubs, and does her role as a DJ in Ibiza to the unaware crowds that go to her events, when she probably does other bigger and surely dodgier business when in Ibiza.

Paris Hilton has no 2016 Ibiza dates booked yet.

masonic silence sign


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