Brussels ..”attack”??

Yet another staged event happened in Brussels airport on the 22nd of March.
Another Gladio style operation to shape and destabilize society carried out by the State, governments, intelligence agencies and NATO using crisis actors in an average emergency drill turned real to the press and cameras.

“Terror in Brussels”
brussels attack airport

Using the “necessary enemy”, which on the XXI century are the “Arabs”, as it used to be the “communists” during the NATO´s Gladio Era in Italy and Europe 30 years ago, when bombs were put on trains and banks and later blamed on “communist groups” such as the RAF in Germany or Red Brigades in Italy instead of the NATO, CIA, SID(Servizio Informazioni difesa), and secret services, as it eventually was admitted decades later by all european governments but the english.

The media has delivered once again an european style psychological operation to the masses in Brussels Airport in order to destabilize and shape society locally and internationally to impose more laws, temporary curfews and further controls, using people acting and even dummies as seen on some of the videos televised.

Crisis Actor caught CARRYING FAKE BABY
Clear footage of DUMMY used in Brussels Hoax Terrorist Attack

Not only the twin towers in NY were demolished by the US government, this kind of events have kept on happening ever since worldwide in order to impose more laws, wage wars, restrict and control society.

As in every country the scenaries are different as of the scale of the event, with the same “enemies”(today´s ISIS) and true targets which are the average european unaware citizens.

As in most intelligence and military psyop operations, the aim is to cause the less amount of casualties as possible, and in order to do so, Shape NATO uses “CRISIS ACTORS”, image FAKERY(Photoshops), and psychological media manipulation which is portrayed as REAL by prime time TV and press to deceive the crowds which eventually settles in peoples minds, later blamed on rogue mercenaries trained by the west who the MEDIA and govs calls “IS”.

Sheila Shell, supposed victim´s family who´s body language does not meet a moaning persons one, speaking on TV
brussels terror victim

This is not ISIS and these are not bombs, these are Operations carried out by each one of our states, secret services and NATO since the formation of borders in the XVII century even before, in order to give form and shape society to the industrial,
military complex, ruling class, and Secret Societies interests.

If you believe this operations as real attacks look again next time or take a closer look at many of the former ones in Europe and the USA over the past decade and how much are they transforming society.

Meanwhile, while the Staged events from our States and NATO keep on happening today on both sides of the Atlantic, the same ruling class waging wars around the world for oil and money, keep on talking at the same time about “opening up the borders to refugees”. These are not “refugees”, but mostly average economical migrants in look for a supposed “better life abroad”.

The idea is to create a multicultural hostile against each other restricted society in which only the Industrial complex, State and Govs RULES and YOU loose, with more laws and regulations put into place every time a NATO Psychological Operation hits an airport or some theater in France, with more of your little superficial rights being taken away and replaced by more obligations, with little voice left from the people, who´s only rights left are work, Drink beer, Pay Taxes, and Consume in an artificially fabricated “modern free world” and multicultural new age society.

As of outside the Northern Hemisphere´s borders, the ruling class idea is to slowly shape their society like it is happening in the Middle East and WAY BEFORE happened in Europe, making them forget their past, knowledge and own ways and replacing them for the same fabricated and artificial “way of life” we have in the West, with more and more economical migrants re-shaping their society and ours trying to help out.

bereber tattoo

Little do they know what´s on their way.

While this operations are soon forgotten or replaced by another one to the unaware masses, they have been happening for decades changing and steering the course of history, shaping and socially engineering society, in which the all mighty, unquestionable, uncontrolled and superficial governments always WIN and you LOOSE.

Check out our links for more of this kind of events


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