HYTE Amnesia Mind Reframing Ibiza 2016 +many more

Social Engineering @ HYTE (Freemasonic)Amnesia “YES TO ALL” ??
Ask yourselve what “ALL” are you saying “YES” to
HYTE Ibiza YES TO ALL 2016

Zoo Project “Down the Rabbit Hole”. “New Age” bull steering Festival, Zoo Project
ibiza zoo project

Zombie Circus Ibiza 2016
There are aggressive Subliminals going on within the DJ´s that play in Ibiza, and many are going back home with stuff in your heads which you don´t know what´s going to trigger in your mind, or at a later stage of your life.

zombie circus

Look at the overall of the messages being sent to you, these are not only “Club nights” but a much wider Social Engineering program to further Mind Reframe you no matter where you´re going after your weekend in Ibiza. Behind each one of our countries there is a ruling class that wants YOU to submit to their rule and authority without you knowing, the clubs in Ibiza, and other parts of the world are Social engineering and mind control Hot Spots for this.

Zoo(New Age) Project , bigger and wider “project” than what you may ever think, find out how deep are you in the rabbit hole andhow to come out of it

Amnesia ibiza playground

afterlife space ibiza

Matinee Ibiza Pervert

Paradise @ DC10: Socially engineering the crowds into an artificially generated reality
Paradise virtual trip dc 10 ibiza

paradise dc10 ibiza

More: Freemasonic Paradise @ DC10 IBIZA


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