Carnac: Geometry and Astronomy in Ancient France

Carnac: Geometry and Astronomy in Ancient France

Telluric Currents and Megalithic Structures

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New York , England Hoaxes Connected. Masonic White Rabbit & Fear Based Mind Control

State sponsored Fear. Masonic mind control “terror attacks” worldwide
Jess Kelly & Emily Eisenman Crisis Actors (Side By Side)

Make no mistake about it the London terrorist attack is a non-event, a mere drill: an absolute fake and hoax. Now, the following is widely touted as “eyewitness video” of the “immediate aftermath” of a supposed attack. What in the world about this looks anything like an attack to any degree? Instead, it looks like a staged event, an amateur movie: a fake and fraud to the extreme:
London Terrorist Attack is a Fake and a Hoax
The Fake Dead of the Manchester Suicide Bombing Hoax
masonic rabbit hole
SIX Undeniable PROOFS the Manchester Bombing Is A Staged Government Event

New York Hoax 100% Exposed

london freemasons

State sponsored, media fabricated events