Ibiza Spoiled

Ibiza Spoiled. Legal “Okupas”. Natural Heritage Ibiza destruction
Building industry spoiling the island of Ibiza:

Sant Antoni quiere urbanizar Cala Gració
Vía libre al desarrollo urbanístico de los terrenos de Matutes en Platja d´en Bossa
Sant Joan aprueba la creación de un polígono industrial en el municipio
Dos millonarios compran 144 hectáreas entre Platges de Comte y Cala Bassa
El Govern rechaza la ley que permite construir en zonas afectadas por incendios forestales

Have you noticed how many new houses and business are being built in the island of Ibiza?

Everyday there is more and more people coming to live in the island without even noticing they are occupying grounds which were not meant to be built from the first place, further degrading the island and destroying Ibiza´s Natural Heritage and environment left, since the local masonic money making Councils keeps on changing laws and issuing permits according to their monetary and economical needs.

While the new wealthy dumbed down legal squadders watch their little sunset from their “brand new home”, the former ones complain about “how many more houses are being built in Ibiza”, all of them without even noticing none of them may not supposed to even be there, and this, according to the local corrupt government, “it´s good for the economy”

Help us stop this nonsense and degradation of Ibiza, send us your picks or articles about the Real State, corruption, and building industry degradation of Ibiza Natural Heritage and stop the piggies runned business.

ibiza real state building homes


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