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occuppy ibiza ibiza times

There are monopoly industries who have been taking over the island of Ibiza.
They have been closing down the freedoms the island once enjoyed. The so called “establishment”, “govs”,“system”, “administrations”, have been working together with the different industries that currently run the island to privatize it and close down anything else which is not related to these money making industries , mainstream tourism and clubs.

Same thing has been happening in many other places, where much has been forbidden by the “establishment” not to allow people create their reality.

The so called “administrations”, “Regierungs” or “Ayuntamientos” have been placing illusory rules over the past years, decade after decade, year after year, generation after generation, responding to their money making industries and secret societies, not to let the people realize they can create reality, and are only taking away their freedoms , Ibiza´s and people´s real energy.


As we are energy bearers and Can create reality, and the world´s global establishment know it, and wants to control it,


occuppy ibiza

to come to Ibiza, bypass the illusory rules, bring the magic back on, and let your energy and Universe do the rest.

quantum universe ibiza_hypercube torus

Remember that the more we are, the stronger we get, and we need the more vans, caravans, campervans, bikes, and people to fill the island of Ibiza.

If you don´t believe you create reality, you should start looking at the side B of the establishment, with alternative media speaking about Globalization, MK Ultra(mass mind control), Military UFO´s/”Alien” issue cover ups, PsyOps , Transhumanism, Lucis Trust-“New Age” movements, and New World Order.

Globalization, new world order

As there are “rules” we still have to supposedly follow placed by the illusory establishment, we ask you to play by the rules,

play by the rules ibiza

keeping in mind we are living in the biggest lies Mankind has ever known.

You can leave a message if you´d like, check out our links, link to us, join facebook groups, translate this page into your language, and spread the voice.
……….Enjoy the sunset


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