Evolution of the Cage: ZOO EVOLUTION

..monkeys evolve
Evolution of the Cage: ZOOEVOLUTION

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Acid Sundays @ Heart Ibiza

Continuing with the saga of freemasonic clans that are privatizing, socially engineering, and mind reframing the visiting crowds to Ibiza, Acid Sundays @ Heart Ibiza

Continuando con la saga de clanes francmasónicos que influyen y privatizan la isla, Acid Sundays, del masón y promotor de la teosófica Nueva Era, Laliberte, Heart Ibiza:


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Much of the sacred geometry used at many of the events can also be used for energy-mind reframing purposes.

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Freemasonic Paradise @ DC10 IBIZA

HOT CREATIONS Masonic Production Company
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Black Cube of Saturn @ Illuminati Paradise Ibiza
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Masonic chessboard @ Paradise
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UFO, New Age agenda “Alien” conditioning:
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Hot Creations masonic Production company

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Hot Creations Production
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