Into the Rabbit Hole: Mind control Mk ultra @ HÏ Ibiza closing party

Into the rabbit hole: Mind control symbols @ HÏ Ibiza closing
Butterflies and Rabbit Holes(MK Ultra) & DID

HÏ Ibiza
HÏ Ibiza Opening 2017: Transformation of a new Generation
Hï Ibiza: Ingeniería social para las nuevas generaciones: Transformación

mk ultra rabbit


HÏ Ibiza Opening 2017: Transformation of a new generation

hï ibiza Opening 2017: Transformation of a new generation

Yet another Masonic dodgy creation from the “Ushuaïa Entertainment Group” to surely entertain , degrade , and further socially engineer the unaware coming summer crowds to Ibiza, with the usual lurid masonic symbolism hiding from people.

A goat´s Skull?
hi ibiza opening promo

hï ibiza illuminati

The new “Hï Ibiza” replaces Space Ibiza who was already runned by the same masonic clubs and secret societies.

hi ibiza 2017

hi ibiza

The most popular symbols for the new HÏ Ibiza are the now common in the island All seeing eye and most popular Horns sign , the 666 , and a goat´s skull in the promo video above, representing the Babylonian deity Baphomet, a demon(?) of some kind.

Hi Ibiza Opening Baphomet

Hi Ïbiza horns sign

hi ib iza 2017 opening

masonic symbolism

Ushuaia Music Group(from the member of the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission, the spanish “chueta” Abel Matutes), made a deal with american based Warner Music Group to expand their entertainment business in Spain, here.

warner music group

Not only music and films or the Ushuaia Music Group, the entertainment industries and corporations globally are about socially engineer the coming generations with new thoughts , attitudes and fashions , with complex social engineering and mind control programs further developed in the USA after Operation Paperclip, the new in Ibiza it´s yet another new spot to do so.

HÏ Ibiza club

The Baphomet above, also represents the arrival of America´s youth indoctrination to Ibiza, with a deity still worshipped by the same mighty cunning societies that are opening the new Club in Playa d´en Bossa.

hi ibiza club

Enjoy the show, have a good Ibiza 2017 whatever you do..
ibiza 2017

Baphomet at a temple in Detroit
baphomet detroit temple
BBC: Decoding the symbols on Satan’s statue

MTV Sight, who also made a deal with WMG, “Baphomet” video, they love their skulls don´t they..

Freemasonic checkboard and a “one eyed” @Space
space Hï club

Hi Ibiza: In the Dark
hi ibiza in the dark

Mark Devlin “Free will consciousness, consent and the corporate music industry”

Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author. Since 1990 he has played gigs all over the UK, and in over 40 countries around the world.

In more recent years, he has turned his efforts towards researching and exposing the many ways in which the corporate music industry and its key artists, are being manipulated by malevolent forces for mind control and social engineering purposes.

Lecture: “Free will consciousness, consent and the corporate music industry”. In this talk, he will be exposing how the mainstream music industry is used to cast mind-control spells into the subconscious minds of the unwitting general public.

These manipulations tie in with the eternal and timeless concepts of free will consciousness, consenting and contracting. The talk shows how the controllers understand how the laws of the universe by which we are all bound work, and seek to cheat karmic consequence in line with their dark agenda.

Paris Hilton Foam & Diamonds @ Amnesia mind control Ibiza

Paris Hilton Foam Diamonds Amnesia mind control Ibiza

If you watch the video, you´ll see some of the usual masonic symbolism surrounding the mind conditioning and social engineering event from the Monarch controlled Paris Hilton @ Amnesia Ibiza, horns signs, eye of Horus..:

To be recognized, Monarch slaves wear diamonds to signify they are “presidential models”(prostitutes), rubies to signify their Oz programming of the MK Ultra, and emeralds to signify their programming to do drug business. Rings are also used to signify what activity is doing, and what level they are in the arcane sciences.
paris hilton amnesia ibiza diamonds

MK Culture. Celebrities arrival in Ibiza(Paris Hilton)

paris hilton mk ultra monarch programming
img source

paris hilton silence sign
Freemasonic Silence sign, this is how they tell other members to keep their mouths shut about what they do for the network. Above, her left eye looking traumatized (TBMC), or other generational trauma.

Paris Hilton´s not a DJ, she´s a puppet and employee of a much wider network of secret societies and clubs, and does her role as a DJ in Ibiza to the unaware crowds that go to her events, when she probably does other bigger and surely dodgier business when in Ibiza.

Paris Hilton has no 2016 Ibiza dates booked yet.

masonic silence sign

Stabbings normalized @ Ibiza Knife “Parties”

Did you know stabbings are normalized in the consciousness of the masses so when it happens it´s already in your mind?. While in London there are about 1000 knife victims every month as of 2013, such violence get normalized in Ibiza and other parts of the world with club nights such as “knife party”.
knife party
Alesso(Swedish House Mafia)

In order to normalize stabbings and long term socially engineer the masses into a more violent society to instigate a police state and further control society, the global´s ruling class using masonic production companies and Dj´s have club nights and music events such as the “knife party”.
knife parties

“Vagabundos”(homeless) to long term normalize misery that comes with the globalization aka new world order, or W.A.R. to normalize the now common international conflicts and wars.

W.A.R Ibiza

“Vagabundos” @ masonic Space Ibiza:
vagabundos ibiza

vagabundos ibiza clubs

Luciano & Friends(“Vagabundos”, Swedish House Mafia) masonic gestures:
luciano and friends cadeza records
luciano and friends ibiza vagabundos

“Origins” by Luciano @ Cocoon Amnesia Ibiza 2014, making the signs representing the freemasonic societies he works for.
origins ibiza luciano
origins luciano

Origins by Luciano

Knife Party @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015 video, with a pyramid shape stage representing who´s organizing the mind control music event:
ultra music festival illuminati

Ultra Music festival
ultra music festival edm illuminati

Same way the hippie movement was a Psychological Operation created by the US government to control the popular discontent there was about the Viet-Nam war, today´s music festivals such as the Ultra Music festivals and others, still are, mind control and social engineering events to divert the masses according to today´s social and political agendas of masonic elites and kabbalists lobbies.

The music industry and clubs in Ibiza are another Psyop to further engineer , condition and mind reframe the crowds that come by the thousands every weekend, with many go go dancers wearing a police uniform to normalize a police state, or “robot” go go dancers to normalize the Transhumanist agenda, in which the use of technology substitutes mind and consciousness for human evolution.

supermartxe ibiza

As much has developed since the 1950´s when the mind control programs(mk ultra) were taken from Nazi Germany to the US under Operation Paperclip and later spread around the world, as of today there is a brand new generation who were born and raised with much of the influence developed by those programs, link, absorbed after years of subtle indoctrination since childhood, mainstream media exposure, intrusive technologies, and illusory education.

Swedish house mafia

Aggressive subliminals at some EDM videos, ritual murders , knifes..:
ritual murder video

“”Rob Swire on the issues arising from recent stabbings at two Swedish House Mafia gigs…””
Knife Party break silence on Phoenix Pk stabbings,
..and more stabbings..

“”Our logo was designed by @protski on Twitter, with the aim of creating an icon that conveyed “Knife Party” in its own right””
knife party

knife party

Masonic Swedish House Mafia & australian duo Knife Party, normalizing knife and organized crime:
swedish house mafia vs knife party

Gareth McGrillen

Gareth McGrillen, Knife Party

Knife Party is an OZ electronic dance music duo. They formed from two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum, who like most within the industry have a long term mind conditioning agenda.

pendulum witchcraft

Pendulum, Witchcraft?

pendulum hold your color


toghether amnesia ibiza

“Toghether”, Pendulum @ masonic Amnesia
toghether amnesia

Knife Party
Tomorrowland 2014 “LIVE”: Mind Control , Satanism & the New Order of the Ages